Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

This is one of those games that you see advertising for all over the internet. You start to think, “hey, this looks fun” and your initial impression would be true. This game was given freely via ps plus and were it not for that fact, I would never have willingly played it. After having played this game for a few hours, I can safely say this not worth a 30 dollar price tag. It is worth the sweet price of being free to play.

The gameplay itself is rather simple, yet the developers in their infinite wisdom, do not give an options menu to allow you to switch to inverted camera controls. Ergo, many matches I’m staring at the ground barely managing to avoid obstacles because the camera is my biggest enemy. You can move about, dodge, or grab things (other players included). By allowing the player to grab other players, this game ceases to rely on any skill. And is merely an exercise in sheer luck. Now some players might find that fun, and enjoyable, but I do not. Because for all my skill at carefully avoiding obstacles, my run could end because Johnny is a dick and just grabs onto me, and I lose.

The game is colorful, I admit. And does give off a nice summer vibe, but all the happiness and joy at advancing through rounds almost always gets ruined because a player wants to be malicious, and derive joy from ruining the experience for other players. Some feel inclined to tell me this is part of the “battle royal” aspect of the game. And true, being able to grab other players allows for this. However, they need to nerf this mechanic badly. Personally, the game would be much more fun, if after being grabbed, there’s about 3 seconds where I can’t be grabbed again. That would deter so many trolling players. Alas, there’s no such safety mechanic in play, and this game encourages to bring out the worst in players.

To surmise, if you enjoy ruining other player’s experiences and don’t care about winning in the slightest, then you’ll find joy in fall guys. Some of the modes within the game encourage the players to play shady. Like one where you gotta collect the most eggs, but wait there’s a timer! So you gotta be shady and stealing from other players constantly, and you just might lose because the other two teams ganged up on your team. I play to enjoy my games and to have a semblance of winning. There is no winning in fall guys, there’s the opportunity to lose repeatedly over and over and that you somehow get lucky to be the last standing. That’s not winning. That’s luck.

Last thoughts, this game is filled with microtransactions for cosmetics. Which I have no problem with, but given their very nature, it can easily lead to a slippery slope. And given the graphics and colors, it’s clear the game is aimed at younger children and as such, this might be predatory because children are more susceptible to wanting to purchase those cosmetics. As such, I don’t recommend this game for purchase but go ahead and grab it while it’s free on PlayStation plus.

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