Close, A review

A simple story, beautifully told and with a wonderful soundtrack, and realistic violence. How does a tiny woman beat adversaries much larger, and stronger than her? By fighting smart, and dirty – and there’s nothing dirty in fighting to stay alive. The Netflix movie, Close, stars Noomi Rapace as a specialist bodyguard called Sam tasked with protecting a wealthy heiress for one week. I won’t go into the plot much other than to say one can safely watch the movie knowing that the bad-guys are not family. Too many movies or shows push this agenda. But, rest assured, not the case in Close.

The action is what might draw in some viewers, and it is tastefully done. With not too much gore, just enough as one might expect to classify it as realistic. She fights opponents by using their weaknesses (men) and by being quick with a knife, while utilising any other weapon nearby. Noomi plays Same with elegance and a ferocity that demonstrates well on-screen.

The soundtrack was phenomenal! As soon as that first opening scene ends, you’re hit with a powerful, psychedelic beat with great vocals. And at the end of the movie, the same group sings again with a song I had to immediately look up and listen to again and again. It’s that good. Candy says (name of the group) is amazing.

Overall, I’d recommend watching this movie.

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