Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

I do not understand the recent criticisms of the movie’s animation being in the uncanny valley. It is the opposite. Andy Serkis has managed to envision and bring to us a beautiful rendering of animals that at once look both animal and human in their faces. I can recognise Andy Serkis as the bear, I can see Christian Bale as the panther in the face, and I only saw a snake in Kaa – who is voiced by Cate Blanchett and I’ll be honest, that opening instantly brought to mind The Lord of the Rings movies. My point is, the animation serves to draw you in and keep you there, and I told myself I wouldn’t get invested… but I did.

My next point is, Benedict Cumberbatch I honestly did not recognise at all. The man sure knows how to be a voice actor… And yes, I think he’s better as a voice actor than an actor, all I see in his voice role here is a scary af, bad-ass tiger that just wants to murder mankind. A real man-eater. Truly terrifying stuff. The time he played the dragon in the Hobbit, again, just totally blew me away. I enjoy his voice and presence more as the villainous creatures than I do seeing him on screen as an actor. Great as an actor he is, I think he’s more amazing as a voice actor… I digress.

Bloody. Character developing with an arc. Tragic. Sad. Enlightening. Moralistic. Philosophical. I enjoyed the movie very much, and I recommend people watch it on Netflix.

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