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The Haunting of Hill House

Such a beautiful story, and well told at that. However, it is very damn scary. And the fear comes from both jump scares – which are few hence their potency – and the lingering chill from the writing. Very good dialogue, excellent execution by all the actors. None of the kids came across as annoying which is often the case in movies and shows, and putting myself in their shoes made me scared as well at times. I also enjoy the small details that you can find by looking in the background of certain scenes. Episode 6 was a standout for the low amount of cuts, and a lot of tracking shots. Episode 8 can go fuck itself, sorry, the heart attack that episode gave… nobody should go in unprepared not knowing that the episode will give them a surge of adrenaline all night. Very well done.

All in all, I enjoyed the complete story with a satisfying, happy ending. Wouldn’t mind this series turning into something similar like American Horror Story – in fact, both shows first seasons are very similar thematically in a lot of ways (even story too!). I recommend giving this show a watch. If you can’t handle horror, don’t worry! Neither could I… I had my hand up covering half the screen if I felt something was coming, episode 8 only got me cause I had my guard down.

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