This is a movie that I rather enjoyed yet I had to watch through my fingers several times due to the level of gore. What an introduction! That’s the horror in this movie, well that and the fact that the whole other half is basically Castle Wolfenstein the movie.

I was enchanted by the opening sequence as it recalled several medal of honor games I had played as a youth that were just as thrilling. It then played out slowly, a slow burn, until it revealed its inner workings and from then on, it’s a non-stop ride of fun action scenes.

Remarkably while having the usual propaganda, it does take kindness to both sides as much as it can given the circumstances and paints both good guys and bad guys as being “monsters”. The philosophy of better to die a good man than live a monster is utilized here.

Also what enjoyed is that the characters don’t make any dumb decisions or rather, they don’t make decisions that are incredibly costly.

The music is well done and eerily sets the mood, and fits each scene.

As stated above, it is gory. Very much so. And practical effects are used to achieve proper levels of gruesome and disgust.

I’d highly recommend this movie if you’re looking for a good, slow-burn horror film.