We can be Heroes

Robert Rodriguez is back with another story set within the universe he created with Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and it is definitely not a movie for adults or teens. It is made for children and it shows. I, myself, was bored to tears but I could see how a child would thoroughly enjoy the spectacle. The only high quality that was to be found here was the casting of Priyanka Chopra and Pedro Pascal, both of whom helped elevate what little there was to feel like something more than a Saturday morning cartoon. A lot of the movie was referencing the Avengers, down to the giant ‘H’ on the hero’s headquarters’ building instead of a giant ‘A’ and the fact that alien invaders came to destroy earth. Even the disharmony amongst the adult heroes was reminiscent of the recent marvel movies.

The good part was the moral message repeated throughout, that only by teamwork and working together with the people alongside you can you succeed. Also that by believing in yourself and others believing in you, can you succeed in whatever you excel at. The ending was particularly nice and an enjoyable twist on an otherwise formulaic story. The powers of the parents and of the children was zany to say the least, and a couple of them had some original powers but for the most part, the powers are what viewers have been conditioned to enjoy by various comic book industries. The acting itself was good overall, the children were fine in their respective roles with the exception of the child that played the character known as facemaker. He was lacking but I imagine it was more to do with the simplicity of the script and the writing.

Overall, it’s a great movie for kids to watch and enjoy with their parents though they might not be as entertained as their children would be. The special effects were nothing good or particularly flashy, but served enough to establish the events that unfolded. As an adult, I’ll be honest, Priyanka Chopra was all that kept me going in watching. She’s undeniably beautiful and was a treat to watch.


Work It

Another dance movie, I thought. Great, probably generic. And it is, but there’s something there. A little sparkle, or shine that makes it glow. It’s got spirit. And the dancing is pretty enjoyable to watch. But the dancing is not the story, it is more about finding what makes you happy.

Our main character is Quinn, a teenage girl in highschool that wants to get into Duke University but to do so she has to show her admissions officer that she can “blow up the box”. To that end, she fibs that she’s a dancer and will be at some major dance competition, titled “Work It”. She recruits a misfit team of outcasts and her best friend to form a dance team led by some former champion dancer.

The antagonist could be said to be the other rival dance team but really it’s the main character’s mom. She’d rather her daughter follow her vision of who she wants her to be rather than being her own person. And in typical fashion, it’s not until she sees her daughter dance and the joy it brings her, that she realizes she’s gotta let her fly.

It’s honestly just a nice feel good movie. With charming chemistry between everyone, and all round smiles. I don’t know anyone on the cast, they all seem to be relatively new actors except for Keiynan Lonsdale which I recognize from playing Kid Flash. The lead was played by Sabrina Carpenter and I think she did well enough. Likeable and believable as a newcomer to dance. I also enjoyed her love interest/the former champion dancer, played by Jordan Fisher. He had charisma and instant likeability with his character. Even her best friend wasn’t too bad, played by Liza Koshy, she had some had really funny moments especially several scenes within a mattress store. I recommend this movie for a watch. At the very least, the movie will succeed at putting a smile on your face.


The Knight Before Christmas

This movie put a smile on my face. The story has been done before: a knight from the past is brought to the future to fulfil his quest, but it manages to capture the spirit of Christmas and about true love. It’s a story about being kind to others, being charitable, and caring. About putting others before yourself. Helping those in need and just being an exemplary human being.

Vanessa Hudgens plays the lead love interest opposite Josh Whitehouse who plays the titular knight. Vanessa did a really good job here with the material and came across as very likeable, and her character felt very real. I connected with her easily and established an emotional response in regards to her character’s journey. Josh did a fine job as well portraying a man lost in time, a man trying to acquaint himself in the time period he now finds himself in. They had very enjoyable chemistry together. I was very happy when they finally kissed. That was another thing I liked: their relationship didn’t feel forced. It felt organic. It blossomed naturally and didn’t feel forced by bad writing.

The side characters were also well done and although they lacked characterization, they did serve to further the character growth of the leads while still feeling like they were their own people. They felt real and not caricatures.

So if you’re looking for a feel-good movie with your significant other, or even by yourself, I’d definitely recommend watching this movie. It was really refreshing to see a movie portray a small town where people care for each other and there was nothing seriously bad or horrible or profanity/violence. I loved it.