A Nexus of Worlds

Welcome to all those that find themselves on my page,

The contents within are the rambling musings and machinations of my thoughts set to give form as to the various realms that entertainment encompasses. I’ll talk on movies, games, and TV shows.

As for myself, I hold a BA in English with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Calgary. This blog is to be not only my outlet for imagination and thoughts, but to also serve as a way to better my writing skills. I hope that in time you, my readers, help me to grow alongside this path.

My name is Bogdan Ivkovic, and this is my review blog. Feel free to check out the links at the bottom leading off to the various categories (pages) within my blog.  Each page will have hyperlinks to the latest post I’ve written.


If you enjoy my work, and are feeling charitable, please feel free to donate 5 dollars so that I may continue to maintain my writings. Who knows, I might even buy a sandwich to help sustain myself.


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