Knock at the Cabin

Sorry for the lack of reviews, not much good entertainment available these days. It’s like everyone has decided collectively to mass produce utter trash. I don’t even have much to say about this one.

Honestly, given the director, this review is spoiler filled because you can’t not talk about ‘twists’ when it comes to him. Even saying there’s a twist is a spoiler. Thus knowing him, knowing there will be a twist, you can guess the entire plot quickly.

I would normally say that this was a return to form for M. Night Shyamalan with excellent direction and cinematography, and well enough performances by all the actors/actresses involved but I called it 5 minutes in. Probably because I’m currently watching a 2013 TV show on Disney plus called Sleepy Hollow.

Movie is based on a book of a similar name by a writer called Paul Tremblay, with notable differences mainly the ending. The movie gives hope, the book does not. Said book was written in 2018, which leads me to assume the writer watched the TV show and thought “Hey, I can probably adapt the book of revelations better than this campy TV show did.” I don’t understand why you had to make it torture porn essentially though, with a dash of the story of Isaac. I’m sure some religious folks enjoyed this, but this wasn’t my cup of tea so to speak. The entire time I was thinking “y’all are the four horsemen and this family is the witnesses, can we get to the end where you show an actual twist.” And it never came. I honestly enjoyed Old (2021) more than this. At least that movie had a proper twist.

Yea… That was a waste of time.

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