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Too Hot To Handle: Collection

Ah yes, reality trash TV about superficial people who must endure a retreat of roughly 2 and a half weeks, to a month, without breaking any rules to earn a pot of money. Said rules are no sexual interactions whatsoever. And I am superficial by going into thinking these people had no depth to them, and I would enjoy juicy drama. Remarkably, some of them turn out to be decent people. What I really got out of these shows, was that the power of a speaker disciplined in certain fields can really help people understand themselves, their emotions, and their interactions with other people. Tantric speakers are neat!

I started with THTH: Brazil, and after consuming it, like Saturn with his sons – yes, yes, non sequitur, I watched the second season of the first show, and then the first season. As I watched it in reverse order, the scripted nature was incredibly apparent but that didn’t deter my satisfaction. It’s actually funny how worse it gets, or rather, given its chronological order, it got better as time went on. I started this descent into the reality wormhole with Love is Blind, and having seen the reunion show of that first, when I watched THTH season one, I was surprised to see Francesca.

Anyways, I’m sure there’s something to be said about the psychology of watching shows like this, but there’s a reason guilty pleasures exist. I fully endorse indulging such material.

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