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Godzilla Singular Point

I see Godzilla, I watch. I expected dumb and fun action, but what I got was a deeply philosophical rabbit hole into hard science fiction and naturally time travel. I did get to see my big lizard do what he does best, but he felt more like an afterthought. More like there was an interesting story here about monsters coming to our world, and a looming catastrophe and to get funding, reached out anywhere and Toho is like “Do what you want, just make sure the big guy doesn’t eat humans.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty great and does touch on many of those aspects that make Godzilla neat – humans turning to war and weaponry and Godzilla responds in kind. How nature is inevitably going to try and punish humanity for their transgressions against the planet. But then it touches on newer stuff, and while the episodes are short, they are crammed full with information. It takes a while to digest. I felt stumped, and even stupid that I didn’t understand it. Then came revelations later, both in episodes and my own mind.

The art style reminded me of older cartoons meant for adults from when I was a child. This helped me quickly catch on that this was unlike any other Godzilla story I’ve seen. All the characters are incredibly intelligent and while lost in the mystery, they still manage to make some sense of it. Meanwhile, the viewer, is wondering what the heck is happening. I need like an excel sheet to make sense of the science. Yet with time comes wisdom. And after having seen the whole season, now I understand what sort of madness was entertained within. Each character is strong in their roles, none but the old man owner feel like caricatures. Though the factory worker that designed the robot, he suffered from heavy plot armor.

Overall, it was a somewhat enjoyable ride. I did get bored due to the dialogue being too complicated or complex to make sense of in the moment. I would have to pause and take a break while mulling it over. The monsters were fun to see because of how the traditional foes and Godzilla are adapted to this writer’s vision. And the sense of tension throughout the story, kept you with bated breath, until it finally let you take a breath was well done. It’s an anime I’d recommend and I don’t watch many of those.

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