Call of Duty: Warzone

After being out for nearly a year, one would expect improvements from having played it in its initial month of launch. Sadly, and rather expectedly, this is not the case. Infinity Ward has proven time and time again that they are a smoking wreckage of the team that once was. Everything that was good about them relocated to the other dumpster known as Respawn Entertainment. Warzone is a jumbled mess of ideas that all falter in their execution. Hit detection, which is a major component to a shooter, is hit or miss. Too often one player will unload the entire magazine only to watch in frustration as the kill cam reveals that they stood there doing nothing, not firing, and died. The problem with such a game with so many variables is that the ping is often far too high because the server has to accommodate every player, their position, bullets fired, grenades tossed, abilities used, relay it all to the server and then back to you. Often times, it will fail in this regard and while your point of view will display one reality, the enemies will display an entirely different one. Skill is taken out of the equation, and you’re left at the mercy of various computations.

The problem can’t be alleviated by adding more servers, or necessarily better ones, it’s a problem at its core. The coding is faulty. That’s the simplest answer. There is simply too many variables at play to provide a fun and fair environment. Those with superior internet, and wired connections are still unable to achieve good results. Moving from a Playstation 4 to a wired PC connection, the game sessions I had were exactly the same. 100ms ping with spikes to 150ms proving that it’s not a system issue but rather a fault on their end – every other game maxes out at 70ms, often not even approaching that with an average of 40ms. As for gameplay itself, UAV and heartbeat sensor provide an unfair advantage to those that have vs those that don’t. Knowing your enemies’ positions is highly advantageous and allows for easy kills. While your enemies are getting angered at your ability to know their exact location. Hackers are still rampant in the game, showcasing the vulnerability in their system.

Those that spend real money on the game are rewarded not only with flashy skins (blueprints) but their weapons do extra damage than those that earned the skins by merely playing. It is literally pay to win in a sense. Gone is the Call of Duty of old, of clearing rooms, and always on the move. The new age is here. Stay in one position, fortified, and camp to your heart’s content. It doesn’t matter if you can only play for an hour a day or if you play 8 hours a day, the end result is the same. Your ability to win, and your ability to kill are merely random chance variables at the mercy of the server. Last man standing means people want to survive, means they’ll go for the absolutely scummiest gameplay possibility if it means they’ll win. The only fun aspect is to play with your friends, and if you don’t have friends that play this game then you’re left to mercy and eventually, you’ll have to become that which you despise in order to win.

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