The Sleepover

Another Netflix original that could be good but they went and ruined it entirely with a single character. In this case, it’s by having the younger brother included in the script. The movie would be ten times better if he was cut out or scrapped entirely. The child actor, Maxwell Simkins, is so bad and cringe and absolutely appalling next to the other child actors. How did he ever get casted? Who’s giving this child roles? Trying to watch any of his scenes is an exercise in patience. The other children are well done, and funny, and acted great. Sadie Stanley as Clancy is the best of the four playing Malin Akerman’s daughter, with Cree Cicchino as Clancy’s best friend, Mim. And Lucas Jaye as Lewis, a friend of the severely miscast Kevin, the aforementioned child actor above.

I can’t finish watching it. Kevin just absolutely turns me off. As much as I enjoy Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello, and Ken Marino, they cannot save this dumpster fire. Normally I’m all for family films, but this one couldn’t decide what it was. Some times there’s enough that you can tell some parts are for adults while others, you can tell it’s for kids. Unfortunately, it’s marred solely by one individual. One character.

Avoid this movie at all costs. Maybe Netflix will get the message to stop funding trash like this.

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