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Lucifer Season 5A

This season is split into two parts, with the first half currently out on Netflix. And I can say without a doubt, that this is the best yet but that’s only due to the build up of the previous seasons. The whole will they, won’t they between Lucifer and Chloe Decker finally gets realized as they get together. And it works! It doesn’t feel forced or over developed, I was so happy to see resolution. This half has been very emotional, to me, because the characters have all fully grown. Their arcs are nearing completion. Just this next half, and then a final sixth season.

As usual, the show follows a path of dead body that’s gotta be solved, interspersed with story and character development of the celestial and mortal kind. Amenadiel grows as a father and friend, Daniel grows in his own way, Lucifer learns to finally let Chloe in all the way, but Maze, she does not grow. She’s still stuck in that old “I hate Lucifer because he kept secrets from me” and it’s honestly tiring. And just when you thought she had genuine growth, nope. Goes back to her old ways. I feel they really missed an opportunity here with her. Miss Lopez also grows from simply being the super nice forensic scientist to being her own person that brings depth and new twists to the show.

Everyone’s acting is everything we’ve grown to love about the show. But it’s especially great to see Tom Ellis playing against himself as he acts as both Lucifer and his twin brother, the archangel Michael. To differentiate between the two, Tom has an American accent for Michael and walks with his right shoulder being slightly higher than his left. Perhaps an injury that is yet to be revealed in the show?

Overall, I love Lucifer because it’s totally social engineering to get us all accepting the devil as not a bad guy. As the old saying goes, the greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing others he didn’t exist. And that’s what Lucifer does, you don’t see him as the biblical bad guy. You sympathize and see him as a good guy, and not at all evil. Which is fair because this Lucifer is based off a DC character and ergo, a comic book character. I recommend this entire show and especially this new season.

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