Gemini Man

After watching this movie, I decided to read several reviews to see what others had thought of it. It was painfully obvious to see many were paid off to write terrible reviews because the very nature and plot of the movie paints the US government in a bad light. It is nowhere near the level of bad that many had claimed. It’s actually quite the opposite. It was an enjoyable ride.

The plot is simple. Will Smith plays a former soldier turned assassin who works for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). After he is sent to kill a scientist due to false information brought by his handler, he visits an old friend who tells him so. However during the meeting, his agency spies on him with a drone and the higher-ups think he may have gleaned classified information that would bring their nefarious dealings to light. So they mark him as rogue and send hit squads after him.

One of these higher-ups is played by Clive Owen aka the villain. His private military company, Gemini, is used to send an operative to kill Will Smith’s character. And as you know from trailers, this operative is also played by Will Smith aka his clone. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong play Danny and Baron respectively, his friends and allies.

Apparently the movie in theaters was released with 120fps. I watched it at a normal frame rate and thus had no problems with the visual aspects. It is a colorful movie in its first half, and even the last half, that mostly takes place at night, is bright enough to see everything. The action sequences were quite well done. I actually felt like Will Smith’s character was channeling parts of John Wick, with his uncanny aim and ability to take out targets. Even the close quarters hand-to-hand combat was easily watchable and didn’t suffer from a shaky cam and a million cuts like other action movies.

Spoiler Warning

Looking at the story from the aspect of the clone, I enjoyed that the clone and Will Smith’s character had, by the end, developed a father/son relationship. I also thoroughly enjoyed the de-aging CGI used. Will Smith’s tears did, in fact, move me. I felt an emotional response. The writing was on par for what it was. This was not a deep philosophical movie like Looper (past selves killing older selves) but a simple action movie. US government bad, Will Smith’s characters good. Or rather, US government filled with corruption bad. As the Russian character says it’s just a Tuesday for Russians.

I recommend this movie. It was satisfying. I’d watch it again with friends and family.

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