Parasite (2019) Review

Do we dream of the best to happen to us, or do we just stand there in our wallow and with the inability to act? Is life a series of things that happen to you regardless of your own plan, or do you act with your own design instead? Does karma truly exist and are you fated to fall for any misdeeds, or be gifted with good fortune for kind acts?

Between the lines of the story of Parasite, one can tell that there are more deeper thoughts and messages at play beyond the surface level. The movie is like an onion, it has got layers. Yes, I went there. The point is, it is absolutely hilarious at times at the sheer absurdity of the situations at hand, while simultaneously being deeply disturbing in their nature. This horror itself is layered. It’s horrific in a multitude of ways but none of which are startling. It builds up a slow horror as you, the viewer, finally realize the plot at the hour mark. That same horror creeps and changes into a smile as you realize what’s to come. Will this madman actually take the story that way? Is what you’d think, and you start to laugh. It truly excels as being dark comedy. I miss this genre and I greatly enjoyed Parasite, and its addition to it.

The layers also take into account the framing of each scene. The camera work and the music combine to paint sombre portraits while managing to invoke a sense of hope and everything’s gonna be alright feeling. Everything adapts perfectly to the story and enhances it even further. There is also hidden imagery and symbolism to be found. It is a work of art. One of the better movies I’ve seen this year. It deserves all the awards it can get. Especially its actors. I loved the lead role. I’ve enjoyed his presence and acting since The Host.

I watched Parasite with a friend and he also had decreed that while a very enjoyable movie, it’s certainly got a degree of confusion and unexpectedness and that there’s probably more layers to it than either of us could find. I recommend seeing it for the sheer absurdity and original content. Really refreshing to see.

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