Hellboy (2019)

“Uh, what the fuck?”

I watched this several weeks ago and I had decided to record my thoughts as the movie went along. But there was only one thought going through my mind over and over. It certainly wasn’t a good movie nor a good idea for an adaptation the way it was written. I just kept thinking the thought written above. By the way, that thought occured 10 minutes into the movie.

Basically my thoughts are someone watched Transformers the last knight and thought there’s money to be had taking a franchise and applying King Arthur to it. David Harbour looked good as titular character and did the best he could. The movie just fell flat on its face and reminded you that a better Hellboy movie already exists. The violence was pretty much the only thing pulling me along; how far could they take the brutality and gore along?

At this point I couldn’t remember unless I rewatched it. Brilliant plan, make your movie forgettable so it has to be viewed again.

I recommend Hellboy (2004) and its sequel. That’s a proper tale and adaptation.

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