The Silence (2019 – Netflix)

It’s like you watched Pitch Black and decided to take those monsters/aliens from that world and applied them to Earth. You probably had the best of intentions, alas the movie was a disaster. Mild to major spoilers ahead; how do the monsters not burn in the sun after being in the dark for thousands of years, and why would you not lock a gate that attracts the monsters after you have met a creepy, ominous, Priest earlier on?

If the above had sensible answers, then the movie would be over in about 20 minutes. Every death was predictable, and, on that note, made for a game of “I wonder how creative the deaths will be?” It was entertaining to say the least because the above possible plot holes, which result in devastating consequences, could be easily solved.

Anyways, cinematography is kinda beautiful and the actors try their best but the script is feeling awfully like certain other monster movies that also hunt by sound besides Pitch Black. These ones are actually good. One day, Netflix will make a good monster movie. They certainly have enough money to repeatedly try.

Sometimes, I think I shouldn’t rate movies as a number but this time, I will. 5/10 – I felt very neutral laughing at it, and I stopped caring when the Father didn’t lock the gate.

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