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Ultraman (2019)

My first impressions of this show was that it was Ironman meets Power Rangers, with a dash of superhuman powers. I was correct in assuming that. What I didn’t account for was some of the most inconsistent writing I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Sorry, not pleasure. Suffering. That’s what it felt like to watch this show. Like I’m being punished for enjoying the super-powered genre of heroes in entertainment.

The writing feels like it was written by a teenage boy with no concept of how things actually work, or how people behave. Our “hero” and I say this very loosely, because what he really is, is a coward. He lacks confidence and conviction. He constantly cries and whines about what he has to do. Supposedly, he’s a 17 year old kid. When in honesty, he’s probably more like a child… I wouldn’t be surprised if he was mentally deficit. Sorry, that’s being too kind to him. Coward is the best description.

In the first episode, he takes on a being much more powerful than he is and he shows no fear. This is purposefully done to draw you into the show before you realize the protagonist is a scared child. They show to us that our coward can leap buildings in a single bound – with no hesitation, or fear! Yet! Yet, when he meets an alien that has murdered and eaten several human beings, he breaks down crying and can’t bring himself to kill it. And yet, he was more than willing in the first episode against an opponent who hasn’t been shown to even kill anyone. Piss poor writing is what that is.

Then, our coward is shown a town filled with aliens and he has the audacity to be surprised? Bro, you can jump over buildings and punch through concrete! The world itself fought aliens in the past using our title name, and you mean to tell me that this kid is surprised at aliens living among us?

The only redeeming character is an older agent called Mr. Moroboshi and he voices to our protagonist these same very thoughts – that he’s a coward and a naive child. Being a hero means doing what others cannot, even if it means to kill. If you cannot do this, you are a coward. Saving a murderers life is not being a hero. It is being a coward because you cannot defeat your own demons.

And in the final episode, our coward has to watch an ally get brutally beaten before he finally gets the balls to do something.

I definitely do not recommend watching Ultraman (2019) on Netflix. Your time would be better spent watching the equally atrocious Alien Warfare (and trust me that garbage doesn’t even deserve a review).

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