Starlink; A gorgeous view for joyous gameplay

Few games these days invoke a childlike sense of wonder and an urge to explore. Most games start to burn up fast in the unravelling of the illusion of the game world via repetitive actions. Repeating tasks over and over with no recourse, or stoppage. Every game has repetition. The key is to mask it through other ways such as the scenery.

And boy does this game sure chew it up. Each vista a beautiful sight, with the colours blending and creating a harmony to behold. The sunlight(s) bouncing off the river(s) and trees as you fly by in your craft, shafts of light dancing. No matter where I fly, nor how often, each time I’m mesmerised by the view. And speaking of flying! It’s so good. So smooth. Feels like a joy. Each movement and forward motion, and flip, and barrel roll; everything works to create wonder and happiness. There is no anger to be had in the controls. No anger to be had in the combat. This is a game to be played and enjoyed, and thoroughly explored.

Starlink, played on the Nintendo switch, can be bought digitally or by way of physical copy that has a mount attachment for models of the ships, weapons, and pilots featured in the game. Every beyond a starter ship (Arwing), two pilots (Mason and Fox), and three weapons (two physical, one digital) must be purchased separately. You cannot find other weapons in game. The game is entirely doable with the guns you have. This being the switch version and should you not use any weapons, the laser cannons on the Arwing will be used by default. You can also play with a co-op partner at any given time through drop in/out mechanics so long as the switch is in tv/console mode.

I’ve yet to beat it as I’m playing with a partner. I highly recommend this game to all ages.

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