Things I’ve noticed in Apex Legends

The majority of people always rush to the fight to try and get the enemy at a bad moment. And while the game rewards aggressive behaviour, I’ve won far more game by playing the waiting game. Hiding about and gathering gear, and then when it’s the final 3 squads… Then I engage. When my team listens that is. As a solo player, I’ll admit I’m kind 85% of the time, going so far as to drop ammo or shields or guns for my teammates. But those that feel the need to belittle and abuse others for their own deaths, or leave when I’m about to revive them – after I’ve run through hell and pulled some tricky maneuvers… These people I am not kind to.

I’ve also noticed way too many people duo with a friend and leave me, the third man, way behind even though I only turned my back for a second. Then I end up most of the match trying to catch up, only for them to die and then ping madly while blaming me for their mistakes.

This leads me to the next problem, too many players rush off into battle before their teammates have had a chance to find a weapon. 3 guns will always beat 2 guns + fists or any combination besides 3 guns unless you’re skilled. Secondly, if your team lands near a single enemy… ALL three of you need to punch/melee. They’ll die quickly. Too many times I see players run away searching for a gun.

The high ground wins. Every single fight I’ve lost, the enemy had the high ground. Every single time I’ve won, I’ve had the high ground. It’s over, Anakin.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

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