Sometimes I sit down to watch what I’d call a lazy movie. The kind where you can look at your phone and still pay enough attention to the screen to follow along. Sometimes these movies turn out to be rather enjoyable and invoke feelings of nostalgia for older movies. CHiPs is one of these movies for it reminds me of Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon, and pretty much a lot of buddy cop movies. Some that I’ve named are much better than the rest, and CHiPs falls far short of them but it does excel at making you laugh.

Dax Shepard directed and wrote this movie based on the tv show which I’ve not seen. His character is rather annoying to begin with, but then he grows on you and similarly in the movie, the same growth is seen between Michael Pena’s character and Dax Shepard’s character.

The action shines with the driving sequences, which are mostly motorcycles (hence the title of the movie) California Highway Patrol.

The comedy is straight up laughable and I didn’t think an acquaintance could be serious about eating ass until this movie.

The movie itself is a hard R and it shows, dropping an F-bomb within moments of the movie starting.

I’d recommend watching it on a lazy Sunday.

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