Divinity: Original Sin 2

I warn thee that there are spoilers in this post moving forward about the ending of the game.

Last chance, I warned you.

Ok. I begin.

This game is set in a dungeons and dragons type world meaning there are dice rolls (hidden) and statistics, and a whole lot of min/maxing. You can play either by yourself, or with a party up to 4 – either computers or human. I played through the game in its entirety with my brother. We made original characters, he played a lizard warrior and I played an elf wizard.

My favourite memories of the game were the crisp graphics, and the stunning and often beautiful scenes. Also how all the particle effects would dance on-screen, and how they would interact with each other. The game is filled to the brim with secrets and hidden areas, as well as hidden characters. And to that end, we (my brother and I) created our characters to be able to cover both halves of the game, whatever we may need.

The combat is where the game shines because the way everything is possible and mixes together allows for some interesting combos. It is turn based, with each character having a certain amount of action points per turn (which can be augmented with skills) and a special skill cost that is revealed past the tutorial in the game. Those special costs allow for the most devastating of abilities and are truly handy.

The story is where the spoilers come in. Basically, by the end of the game (90 hours in) you can choose to be a god, or reject it. And me, being the noble brother, rejected it – not knowing my brother had not and then we were forced to fight to the death. He had the starting turn…

HOWEVER!… I may have let him think my wizard was not that strong the entire game because I had an inkling he would betray me as earlier on during the tutorial island, he betrayed me for arena champion (10 hours in). Ergo, combat starts, and he unleashes everything and due to an ability I had not shared with him, I survive by the skin of my teeth. On my turn, I teleport away and launch a thunderstorm (which I had also not let him be aware of, and let him think he’s the reason we could solo kill bosses) and killed him instantly.

My brother and I spent 91 hours playing this game. The moral lessons that were learnt during this session were plenty.

All in all, I recommend this game if you wanna learn who your true friends are, and who are those that are tempted by power.

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