ABZU is a beautiful, underwater, diving game and some of the better non violent games I’ve played. It has some truly beautiful graphics and you often feel immersed in the setting around you. The colour scheme ranges from bright colours to darker ones as you descend deeper into the depths however it never once loses its sense of beauty. Though the game follows a linear path, many secrets are waiting to be found should the player search around a bit before moving on. Finding these secrets does give a bit of a sense of “hurrah!” and it is often an enjoyable task to do once moving into a new area.  Game-play itself is fun in and of itself because it is simply a joy to move around. And you can even grab onto larger marine animals for a ride.

One taxi please

The other aspect I enjoyed is that there are pedestals you can sit on to simply watch and observe the life around you. These times were often serene and quite peaceful and can lead to nice screenshots (I did not take advantage of, I took others).


The storytelling is touching and well told through the use of cut-scenes and game-play taking place in a vast ocean with the main character referred to as female diver. The ending is worth the journey but more importantly, the journey was very well told, and very well done. It’s a game I recommend to everyone.


10/10 game for me.

Catching a ride, dude!

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