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How not to make the Punisher TV Show

Just take a look at the Punisher on Netflix and look at the comics, and think… Wow, they really fucked him up. They made him exactly what he combats. Punisher is a sociopath who executes any criminal should they break his moral code. And the man does it from a distance with a gun, with cold calculation. He doesn’t whine and bitch like a girl, and mope about. You are not supposed to identify with him. You are not supposed to relate. He’s batman with a gun. But no, the creator of this Punisher show thinks he supposed to relate. Comic Punisher would have broken that blond girl’s nose the moment he asked “why they after you” and she said, lying, “I don’t know”. He would have punched her in the face and gotten her to stop lying. But we can’t have that in today’s day and age.

No, no. Today, we have to be sjws. I stopped watching Punisher when he broke the CP producer’s arms and let him live. Nice message y’all sending there. Sincerely, FUCK YOU. You can look it up, in the comics Punisher shoots the parents involved as well as kill the CP producer.

They hired Ben Barnes. Well, can’t let him go to waste. A pretty face like that. Let’s make his scars be (honestly easily could be covered with concealer) completely not ugly. Can’t make a pretty actor like that ugly. No sir, not when we paid good money. How do we keep him in the plot…. Right, stupid therapy lessons that lead nowhere except to surprise, the docs an idiot, Jigsaw escapes.

3 good episodes and a great fucking idea, gone to the piss because… you need to use the money you spent on Ben Barnes somehow? Not blaming the actor at all. But writers… has any of you read a Punisher comic even? Or was it like selectively hand picked comics shown to you that fit your agenda?

Just like the creator of Iron Fist, the creator of the Punisher show on Netflix, please stay away from comics. But, I know that ain’t gonna happen. I’m moaning to the wind.

The hilarious bit is wolverine is like 5’3 in the comics, 6’2 in movies or whatever. Punisher is 6’1 in comics, and shows Punisher is barely 5’8. (and im being generous, google adds height).

Also why does Jon Bernthal act the Punisher like hes constantly drunk, the way he walks, and the way he shakes his head left to right randomly… the fuck, who does that lol. It’s hilarious.

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