Red Dead Redemption 2

Where does one even begin with such a game? The amount of details, and layers, and layers to the layers is staggering. Some moments can be slow, and feel almost like a chore but then you slow down and look around the screen. The way the ground gets trampled under your horse’s hooves, the indents left in the ground and if it’s raining: watching the rain fill it. The very minor details are noticeable when you pay attention and when you don’t, there is a beauty to the way the system works. Time just flows by. There is only the world of Arthur Morgan.

Then you start to see the flaws in the system. As with any system of choice, you begin to notice what you cannot do. You push, and prod, and explore what you can do. And you begin to realize the depths of what you can accomplish… And it is deep. And rewarding. Playing within the rules of the system, you can achieve a lot. And experience a lot of different stories. The game has many different encounters of scripted events, and then responds with more scripted events to the one you just had – layers on layers. I have yet to beat the game. I’m only a third of the way through. I just pick a direction in game, and explore. Once I reach my destination… I’ll be honest, I’ve yet to actually do so. As I’ve mentioned before, there are so many random scripted events that I get waylaid adventuring.

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