A Wolf howls at the moon

But the howl is not returned. The wolf howls once again, and this time the trees light up with a glow as millions of outwardly webbing cables begin to come alive. The wolf howls more desperately to the moon, and the very air becomes still as the electricity begins to arc down the cables and travel off into the distance. Before the wolf can howl again, the moon disappears for a second, and when it returns, it returns with such a crescendo of sound and violent explosion that even what remained of humanity in the earth’s mantle felt the blast. The moon’s rocky outpouring crashed into the dark masses in the space above the earth, ripping them asunder, and clawing a way back to earth. As if the rocks had minds of their own, they travelled to the spaces above the earth, and intertwined with the cables of materials unknown, gifts of those ahead – a warning to the prophecy. Together the moon and the cables formed a shield around the earth, and for the first time in years, humanity crawled out of their holes. A single howl was all it took. Proof of a greater purpose. For the weapon was designed to fire off a certain frequency, a frequency which changed every hour, every day, until it was initiated. Those that invaded scoured the surface, humanity fled underground. They could not activate the machine, the weapon. And so humanity flourished in the bedrock, away from the civilization they once knew.

Mother Nature brought them back.

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